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Iccy 2.9

The Highlights of minimal invasive Laser Therapy.

Iccy 2.9 – The effective Allrounder.

The Erbium Laser Iccy 2.9 is predestined for the most miscellaneous applications in microsurgical ophthalmo surgery. As developed for maximum gentle surgery operations, the laser does not produce cavitation. Cataract operations are the world’s most frequent operations. Even hard nuclei which are hardly to be treated and only executed in big time efforts by standard surgeries, can be emulsified by Iccy 2.9. The laser can be used for all degrees of cataract. Compared to conventional systems, the Iccy 2.9 has a long limit in efficiency and brings high power on long last. It is most gentle and provides an optimum of safety for the epithelium: By smallest incisions the risk of postoperative and later complications is reduced. Simple and gentle therapy for the patient is just as well warranted for glaucoma.

Optimal Ergonomics – Maximal Reliability in Surgery.

The development of the Erbium YAG Laser Iccy 2.9 emphasized on optimal ergonomics of the surgery room. The low triangular form of the 8 lingual base unit allows optimal teamwork between surgeon and surgery assistant. Due to its adjustment in size, the rotatable 10,4” colour display allows easy legibility and good attendance throughout the entire operation. The intuitive Touchpanel-Operator-Guidance is easy to learn. Not to underestimate, the minimal operating noise of the Erbium Laser allowing undisturbed and thus highly focused working.

Iccy 2.9: Technical Data

Iccy 2.9
Pulse energy:
Puse Width:
Rep. Rate:
up to 20Hz
Laser Class:
Pilot Beam:
< 1mW
Laser Class:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech,
Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew

Made in Germany


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