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The Highlights of minimal-invasive Therapy.


Our laser are used in different medical fields with one decisive aspect that they all have in common: Their minimal-invasive mode of therapy and the resulting low risks for the patient. Short healing times as much as a short time of recovery is decisive. Today, laser systems are applied in a wide field of surgery, becoming more popular every day due to being less invasive and much more precise than a scalpel. The operation of the Iccy diode lasers is driven by colour-touch-panel with many pre-programmed and up to 6 individual, storable programmes. Therefore the starter profits from a convenient handling comfort and highest standards of safe operation.

Iccy Lasers contain the complete equipment required for surgical intervention. Please note, that our tools are of first reference quality and up the standards of modern design.

Do not hesitate to convince yourself on our highlights of minimal-invasive lasertherapy: